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Dulce Pecado


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If you're looking for a new and different take on your classic dessert, then Dulce Pecado has you covered. They're taking ordinary waffles to brand new heights!  He's made his waffle desserts his own by creating the "waffle pop". This sweet treat looks like "paleta" or also known as an "ice pop", but is ALL waffle. Customers can then choose what sugary syrups and crunchy toppings they want on top. Dulce Pecado is a food truck catering to your utmost sweetest sins.

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Dulce Pecado

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Food Truck Takeover

Hyatt Food

We all know the real meaning of life is food, obviously. And, what’s better than a food truck that is making tasty food to allow their loyal customers the chance to feel the “good life” or “buena vida” while they eat? Got your attention yet? Well, Michael Luis is the proud owner of Hyatt Food and he and his team are serving up some seriously delicious Mediterranean food all over the South Florida area. Hyatt Food describes themselves as “authentic homemade Mediterranean – Middle East cuisine”.

Dulce Pecado

This week our blog is all about a food truck catering to your utmost sweetest sins - Dulce Pecado. Walter Rouff is the proud owner of Dulce Pecado. Being from Venezuela, he wanted to incorporate their culture into their food truck. Their food truck's name is a Spanish play on words about desserts (which we can all agree are sinful) which literally translates to "sweet sin". He's serving up his own take of a waffle dessert to his customers all over South Florida!

Karla Bistro

Talk about living the American dream! Oscar Romero is showing us how it is done every day at Karla Bistro! This is not your typical sandwich food truck spot, we must say. He and his wife are the perfect team working together every day bringing delicious sandwiches to the West Kendall area. This sandwich shop is taking ordinary sandwiches and completely transforming them into sensational dished using some Venezuelan flavors.

We're Coming For You 2019!

2018 was definitely a year of learning and growing for us here at FTG. We figured out who we were as a company and although it wasn’t easy, we finally have the perfect recipe for how we are going to power the food truck nation to new heights with the help of food truck owners and the food truck lovers.


As if taco Tuesday couldn’t get any better… We’ve found another must see taco spot right in the middle of Midtown, the Midtown Garden Center to be exact. Tacomiendo is bringing bold and authentic Mexican flavors to some of our favorite Tuesday favorites! Carlos Maloff and his brother, Jamil Maloff are the proud owners of Tacomiendo, bringing their father’s taco recipes to life. They’ve nestled their food truck right in the middle of a beautiful garden, creating the perfectly lunch getaway. Interested? We don’t blame you…


Espresso yourself! Do you ever look at coffee as just a mere tool to get through your mornings? Well, think again… We got the chance to meet up with the guys from Koffeeology and got to really know the process behind brewing the perfect cup of Joe. Carlos Zapata and his crew are bring their amazing coffee from their farm in Colombia to the streets of Miami. And, we couldn’t be happier!

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