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Dulce Pecado


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If you're looking for a new and different take on your classic dessert, then Dulce Pecado has you covered. They're taking ordinary waffles to brand new heights!  He's made his waffle desserts his own by creating the "waffle pop". This sweet treat looks like "paleta" or also known as an "ice pop", but is ALL waffle. Customers can then choose what sugary syrups and crunchy toppings they want on top. Dulce Pecado is a food truck catering to your utmost sweetest sins.

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Dulce Pecado

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Food Truck Takeover

Q&A with FTG

This week, we are changing up our weekly blog post. We wanted to bring you all in and answer some questions we have gotten asked a lot lately. We are on a mission to showcase this industry that's been in the shadows for so long. So, continue to read more about what exactly the food truck culture is and what it means to us at FTG.

Tumbao Buns

Bao down to Tumbao Buns! It’s safe to say this food truck is like no other in the Miami area; Tumbao Buns is serving up some seriously tasty dishes with Latin and Asian flavors. Oscar Flores and his team worked tirelessly to bring Tumbao Buns to life. After several years of working within the restaurant industry, Oscar decided it was time to do something different and bring something different, not commonly found among food trucks. He’s dedicated to having his customers enjoy the experience they have when they choose Tumbao Buns.

Fried Balls

Great balls of fire! Is all you’ll be saying after eating at Fried Balls. Anthony Proenza is the famous man behind the Fried Balls food truck. After 31 years of service within the printing industry, he decided to open his very own food truck here in Miami, Florida. You can find Anthony serving up some pretty interesting dishes all of which are pescatarian with vegan options. Anthony’s fried balls are proving to be quite the hit amongst the food truck nation.

Adam's Filling Station

Boy do we have a treat for you today! What do you get when you mix a cook with an incredible imagination? Adam Feigeles. Adam owns one of the best food trucks here in Miami, Adam’s Filling Station. We had the opportunity to stop by Adam’s food truck to try some of his best dishes and let’s just say we were very impressed. From working in the restaurant industry to owning his own restaurant and now owning his very own food truck, Adam has pretty much done it all.

The Wich Dr.

The doctor is in… The Wich Dr. that is! Chef Steven Harmon is the proud owner of The Wich Dr. and he is serving some of the wildest sandwiches in the South Florida area using locally sourced ingredients. We met up with Steven to find out just what makes his sandwiches so different.

Shawarma's Diana

Drumroll please... We have started a new week of the food truck takeover! This week we are highlighting Shawarma's Diana, an amazing food truck with some unexpected flavors! Gabriel Torres and Antonia Machek, owners of Shawarma's Diana, are both from Venezuela who met, fell in love and decided to make food their life's passion. They have spent years perfecting the art of Arabic food with a Venezuelan twist. Interested yet? Because we definitely are!

Top Ten Food Trucks in Miami

Miami is a culinary mecca for foodies, serving a variety of different cuisines from various countries around the globe. The Food Truck Guys have narrowed down our top then food trucks in Miami today. The food trucks we chose had to check three categories: customer experience, amazing food and most importantly, the story of the people behind the food trucks.

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Food Trucks in Miami: The Revolution Begins

Let’s rewind to 2009 when the food truck scene was first introduced in Miami. The concept of having a variety of creative cuisines, from gourmet food to healthy options, at affordable prices was enough to forever change the game. The food truck culture in Miami is a very tight-knit community providing a genuine nomadic experience to its customer; an experience a stationary restaurant cannot deliver.

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