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Food Truck Takeover

We provide the channel for which your story can be told. We want to show the world the amazing creations you make everyday. And, highlight your story and food truck so that the world can see who you are and why you started down this amazing journey.

Food Truck Finder

With our growing ecosystem of food trucks, we try to provide the most amount of value we can to our food truck owners. If we hear about any exciting, local events or anything that could benefit you and your growing business, we will always keep you well informed!

Everything Food Truck

We are here to assist you! So, if that means you need help finding a spot to park your truck, need to find a way to fix and/or make improvements to your trucks, we are the guys to call! We have a wide network of people in the food truck community for everything food truck related.

Let the Food Truck Guys become your Food Truck Guide..

We pride ourselves over the movement we started. This movement is all about people and the wonderful community that give these entrepreneurs a place to be creative and push the culinary boundaries every day. Here at FTG, we believe that restaurants are over rated. And, would much rather enjoy a meal made from something on wheels. 😉 Reach out and join the movement today! We can't wait to hear your amazing story.

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